We meet at the Center for Contemporary Arts, 220 Cypress St. Abilene,

every third Thursday at 7 PM.


The West Texas Photographic Society (WTPS) is a group of photographers ranging from hobbyist to professional; beginners to very experienced.  

The members meet monthly to share their expertise with one another, whether it be in travel photography, landscape composition, portraiture or darkroom technique.  

Bimonthly competitions are held in order to help sharpen the club members  photography skills. In the alternate months, the club conducts workshops, directed by either members or guest lecturers. These workshops explore a variety of topics and are designed to increase the members’ knowledge of photographic techniques while encouraging them to advance their own personal skills. 

The WTPS members go on outings together to photograph specific areas and subject matter. Destinations have included the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Caprock Canyons State Park, the Abilene Zoo, wildflowers in central Texas, Texas Forts and numerous other locations.  These trips allow the members to draw from the knowledge and experience of one another, while also helping them to get better acquainted. 

The members always enjoy having guests visit the monthly meetings and encourages them to become an active part of the club. 

We have now started accepting digital images in our competitions.  This has opened up a whole new arena in photography.