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West Texas Photographic Society

Monthly Competition Winners


"Eyes" 03/15/07


B&W Assign

B&W Assigned


Dean Carter


B&W Open

Church in Nm

Joe DeAngelis

Color Assigned

Color Assigned

Long Eared Owl

JoAn Wilks

Color Open

Farewell to February

John English

Color Open
Enhanced Assigned

Enhanced Assigned

Eyes of Blue

Anita Crim

Enhanced Open

Captain John Smith

David Jones

Enhanced Open



Assign Open
1st Dean Carter Becca Joe DeAngelis Church in NM
2nd Joe DeAngelis Here's Lookin' at You David Jones Snowball Bloom
3rd Anita Crim Troubled Eyes JoAn Wilks ACU Bell Tower


Assign Open
1st JoAn Wilks Long Eared Owl John English Farewell to February
2nd Dean Carter Eye Spy Martin Pothier Big Sur
3rd Barbara Rollins
JoAn Wilks
Greater Flamingo
David Jones Williamsburg Sunset


Assign Open
1st Anita Crim Eyes of Blue David Jones Captain John Smith
2nd Martin Pothier Bird's Eye View Anita Crim Cry a Tear
3rd Anite Crim Eagle Eye Martin Pothier Pemaquid Sunrise