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West Texas Photographic Society

Monthly Competition Winners


"Reflections" 07/21/16



B&W Assigned

Reflections of a Storm

Mike McLaughlin


B&W Open


Steve Templeton

Woozy Duck

Color Assigned

Woozy Duck

Martin Pothier

Color Open.

The Sun's Audience

Jill Geeslin



teton reflection

Enhanced Assigned

Teton Reflection

Martin Pothier

Enhanced Open

Sunset SNJ

Steve Templeton

Sunset SNJ



Assign Open
1st Mike McLaughlin Reflection of a Storm Steve Templeton "Wanted"
2nd Steve Templeton There's always one Jill Geeslin Palm Frond
3rd Steve Morrow Reflections on Conroe Don Williams Matagorda Pier


Assign Open
1st Martin Pothier Woozy Duck Jill Geeslin The Sun's Audience
2nd Jill Geeslin Sky Reflective Mike Martin Waterfall
3rd Mike McLaughlin Green Heron John English Hummingbird Feeding


Assign Open
1st Martin Pothier Teton Reflection Steve Templeton Sunset SNT
2nd Steve Morrow La Toretta Reflecion John English Peacemaker and Spurs
3rd     Jill Geeslin Big Helper