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Monthly Competition Winners


Rocks/Geology 06/16/16


Rock along the bank

B&W Assigned
Rock Along the Bank
Jill Geeslin


B&W Open
Jet Engine
Steve Morrow
Jet Engine
Lava field Color Assigned
Lava Field
Monty Smith
Color Open
Steve Morrow
rock critters Enhanced Assigned
Rock Critters
Martin Pothier
Enhanced Open
Ft McKavett Milky Way
David Jones
ft mckavett milky way



Assign Open
1st Jill Geeslin Rock along the Bank Steve Morrow Jet Engine
2nd Ernie Charlsworth
Michael McLaughlin
Big Bend
Waves & Rocks
Jill Geeslin Desert Storm
3rd Monty Smith Lava Abstract
Lava Rock
David Jones Country Church


Assign Open
1st Monty Smith Lava Field Steve Morrow Butterfly
2nd Martin Pothier Pinto Canyon Jill Geeslin In the Tree
3rd David Jones Ghost Ranck David Jones Wildflowers By
Special Delivery


Assign Open
1st Martin Pothier Rock Critters David Jones Fort McKavett
Milky Way
2nd Jill Geeslin The Window Steve Morrow Great Sand Dunes
3rd Michael McLaughlin
Martin Pothier
Pile of Rocks
Mosquito Ridge
David Jones Persidio San Saba