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West Texas Photographic Society

Monthly Competition Winners


"Night Shots" 07/16/15


dallas skyline

B&W Assigned

Dallas Slyline

Mike Martin


B&W Open


Steve Templeton

rockets red glare

Color Assigned

Rockets Red Glare

Steve Morrow

Color Open

Callas on Black

Steve Templeton

callas on black
petrified wood station

Enhanced Assigned

Petrified Wood Station

David Jones

Enhanced Open

Tina in the Sky

Steve Templeton

tina in the sky



Assign Open
1st Mike Martin Dallas Skyline Steve Templeton Restive
2nd Steve Templeton
Steve Morrow
Thailand Ride
Jeanna Posey Heading Out
3rd     David Jones Squirrel


Assign Open
1st Steve Morrow Rockets Red Glare Steve Templeton Callas on Black
2nd Martin Pothier Yosemite Night Mike Martin
David Jones
Sandhill Crane
3rd     Jill Geeslin Rising with the Sun


Assign Open
1st David Jones Petrified Wood Station Steve Templeton Tina in the Sky
2nd Martin Pothier Arches Windon at Night Ron Longwell Shrooms
3rd Mike Martin Moonlight Marty Pothier Mabry Mill