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West Texas Photographic Society

Monthly Competition Winners


"Winter" 03/20/14


Oak Sicles

B&W Assigned

Oak Sickles

David Jones


B&W Open

The Cathedral

Matt Willoth

The Cathedral

Color Assigned

Hangin' On

David Jones

Color Open

Red Powderpuff

David Jones

Red Powderpuff


Yosemite Valley

Enhanced Assigned

Yosemite Valley

Martin Pothier

Enhanced Open

Abilene Garage Man

Jill Geeslin

Abilene Garage Man



Assign Open
1st David Jones Oak Sickles Matt Willoth The Cathedral
2nd Jill Geeslin Taos Ski Valley Jill Geeslin Baby Makes Four
3rd Krystyne From Above Emmily Morrow
Ron Longwell
The Roaring Twenties
Ledbetter Picket House


Assign Open
1st David Jones Hangin' On David Jones Red Powderpuff
2nd Krystyne Floor Gate Monty Smith Climbing Dunes Nambia
3rd Martin Pothier Nevada Ranch Jill Geeslin East Trail
Lost Maples NP


Assign Open
1st Martin Pothier Yosemite Valley Jill Geeslin Abilene Garage Man
2nd David Jones Frozen Berries Ron Longwell Blue Ridge Sunset
3rd Jill Geeslin Winter Scene Matt Willoth Stairway